I don’t want to be an ironing board….


So over on my Instagram account Lovemelovemyfarmhouse  I spoke from the heart about how I was feeling. I wrote:

“Yesterday I did something out of my comfort zone. I met someone via Instagram (who I spoke to for the first time on Saturday) and arranged to meet up in a random pub just because I felt simply that I had nothing to lose and why the hell not?
Recently I’ve felt lost. At a crossroads. No purpose. No ambition. Kids growing up and I’ve kinda lost my mojo. Not to mention the impending big 40 next year looming 😩 What have I achieved so far in my life?

Renovating our house has taken a lot out of me both mentally and physically. It’s not all about these little pretty squares. Now that the end of the renovation is near I’m feeling “what now?” Of course I want it finished but it was my job, my drive, my purpose & reason to get up in the morning. I enjoyed the busyness and bedlam that the trials and tribulations brought. Plus, i had given up my day job to renovate our home so where next? To be blunt, by finishing the project it means that I’m redundant.

I strongly believe that fate wanted me to meet this random person today and that we both had a story to tell. I was drawn to her even before we had met face to face. She is someone I now can call a friend and someone who I have huge respect for.

I chatted with a complete stranger about ‘where next’ and the penny dropped. It’s not the end. It’s simply just another chapter and a new and bloody exciting one.

I now feel in control and motivated to do something for me. So I officially declare the start of my next phase of my life and I say publicly that I am resigning from being a slave to the housework and putting myself last.
So here’s to the next chapter which I am going to embrace wholeheartedly. Cheers 🥂”

So whats been happening since I wrote this last week?

Well that random person is Hayley Southwood of Southwood Social Hub. I’ve joined her hub www.southwoodsocialhub.co.uk which is an inspirational support network for women in business. Go and read her story! She has given me the encouragement I needed to make a change. I love her no bull approach and the positivity she brings each day. I connected with her on so many levels and felt we had lots in common. Not only is she a total babe but she knows her stuff too. You can find her on Instagram under Southwoodsocialhub

Hayley told me about a business competition she won where part of the prize was a course of sessions with Life Coach Jessica Rogers. She couldn’t speak highly enough about the journey she went through with Jess. After investigating I had to get in touch.

Following my initial telephone call with Jess today I’ve signed up for 6 months. Jess Rogers…by her own admission helps women to be BOLDER, BRAVER, FREER. That’s exactly what I need in a nut shell. I’ve had this itch to have my own business forever and right NOW is the time to scratch it.

I’m so looking forward to working with Jess. Watch this space. Incidentally she has just won an award. Congratulations Jess! Read more about it here. www.bemogul.co.uk

I’m sure she will fill us in on her own blog over the next few weeks. Go follow her.  www.jessicavrogers.co.uk/blog

And to finish off I wanted to leave you with something I’ve seen online which made me think.

Which one are you? I don’t want to be an ironing board…

Lots of Love

Lisa x

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